SPA Vouchers

Gifts for women/men

We always want to give the most beautiful gifts to those we love most. We want to thank those who did us a favour in a special way. We live in a beautiful world and use every chance to give beauty. There are many opportunities to do so every day, so we have prepared a gift offer:

  • personal holidays (birthdays and name days)
  • calendar anniversaries,
  • other special occasions, etc.

Awards for employees/contractors

Every employee wants to be appreciated for his contribution and efforts made for his company by his boss. Each boss would like to have a trusted and reliable employee whou would approach the challenges enthusiastically. Our attitudes are often determined by satisfaction and a sense of being appreciated for our work. Bearing in mind our needs, we have created bonus packages for employees, customers and partners. Why not reward a specific person with a luxurious stay over the sea? For a better well-being and beauty, we offer different spa treatments that allow you to relax and take care of your beauty.

Contact us to choose the right gift package.

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